How to Generate Meetings In a Target Territory With No Presence

Experienced sales reps know that penetrating a new sales territory, especially post-pandemic, is difficult. If you don’t already have a local presence, then you need to have three things: a comprehensive tech stack, an efficient sales team, and remote capabilities.

However, new sales territories have immense potential that typically makes them worth the effort. A new territory, for example, can be a considerable source of new revenue for tech companies interested in growth. But, tapping this proverbial gold mine requires leveraging data and developing a targeted strategy.

Breaking Into a New Target Territory 

Tapping into a new target territory requires data, tools, and strategy. By incorporating all three factors, there’s less risk associated with testing the waters and investigating the potential of that market.

1. Strategically Gather Data

The methods used to remotely gather information on a new target market vary from business to business and can include different data points such as geography, size, and consumer demographics. 

Together, this data should be used to identify your ideal prospect, the opportunity value for that prospect, and any competition you may face. Use these metrics to assess the quality or potential of the territory.

2. Maximize Your Reps’ Time

Creating a remote sales plan before breaking ground in a new territory will maximize your team's effectiveness. 

Using the data from step 1, consider the skills, strengths, experience, interests, and working styles of your current sales team. What areas are missing? Then, use this knowledge to hire or outsource reps based on the requirements of the new territory. 

To maximize efficiency further, share your ideal customer persona (ICP), prospecting process, and cold messaging and calling templates with both your in-house and third-party reps. These resources will give your sales team the knowledge they need to excel in a brand new market. 

3. Leverage Your Tech Stack

A substantial tech stack makes generating meetings in new territories so much simpler. 

Use sales territory management software to visualize data and empower your reps to collaborate and analyze various data sets. Also, take advantage of automation whenever possible to scale more efficiently.  

The Purple Sales Solution

The three steps detailed above help tech companies develop a more informed outbound strategy, which they can then optimize over time to improve sales performance and growth. But, there’s more to it than that. 

Purple Sales is a remote partner that can help you generate meetings in new target territories. We act as the extended arm to help you achieve your goals.

The Purple Sales strategy is an account-based approach blended with a robust outbound sales methodology. “Market research with a sales spin,” as we like to call it. So, how can our specific skill set help you in your new target territory?

1. Defining the Territory

Figuring out a viable sales territory for your business is a vital first step — and a difficult one, too. This is where we step in and help B2B tech companies identify and qualify international markets that will produce the best return on investment.   

2. Creating a Territory Plan

We are a sales-oriented rather than call center-orientated team. We help all our clients create a comprehensive territory plan to drive qualified outbound leads and meet their revenue goals. We specifically focus on the benefits of automation and other sales technologies for scale. We also leverage our global expertise to help you learn the ins and outs of the new market. 

3. Optimizing Consistently 

Initiation is the first step; managing, optimizing, and growing a new market is another matter. You’ll need to review the sales and account data regularly. And if that's the case, wouldn't it make more sense to have the experts do it for you?  

Generating meetings from new target territories is easy with a partner like Purple Sales. Our sales experts can help your business remotely amplify its sales cycle to the highest level through our expert solutions and hybrid model. Check out our Amplify Your Sales Pipeline guide to learn how we do just that.

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