How To Penetrate a New Market at a Fractional Cost

Savvy business leaders understand that planning is vital to industry success. Product rollouts, new staff, marketing initiatives, and investments in technology need a plan to have the best chance of penetrating a new market

Moving your B2B tech company into new markets is an endeavor that needs a definitive plan. 

As high-quality as your sales division may be, they may not be experienced with, have enough in the budget, or have the capacity in their schedule to handle a market expansion. They may also fail to meet the criteria the new market demands. For example, if you've completed B2B market validation and decided to move into a new international location, your sales staff may not speak the language or understand the customs. 

If you want your new market move to be a success, consider outsourcing your B2B tech sales. 

What Is Outsourcing B2B Tech Sales? 

When your tech company moves to new markets, choosing a company that handles parts of your sales process (i.e., appointment setting, sales prospecting, or lead qualification) can help you achieve your company goals. This helps energize the project, propels the launch quicker, and provides tangible results that your company needs to thrive. 

Four of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your B2B tech sales for new market penetration are:

Familiarity with the Market

Different areas have different customs. More importantly, when you outsource your sales process, it takes fewer investments of time and money than it usually would get your sales representative prepared to sell in the new market. With the extra capital and time at your disposal, it’s available to be better used where you see fit. 

When you work with an outside provider for appointment setting, you don’t have to worry as much about leveraging the connection between staff and prospects. All the groundwork has already been completed. In the meantime, your own experienced sales professionals take charge of leading the initial meetings and focus on making the sale.

Attentive Partner

While your sales reps have plenty of tasks to start and finish, a sales outsourcing partner can give you the opportunity to work with individuals who are experts in an important element of the sales process. A partner with a sales specialty has gained experience in appointment setting activities that is able to match and elevate your business model and your solutions to the target buyers. This lends an effective element to your overall productivity that you can enhance by outsourcing with a partner.

Higher Quality Sales Representatives

Every investment needs to be worth the cost. Outsourcing your sales cycle can help you deliver. B2B tech sales outsourcing gives you high-quality sales representatives without the cost and risk of hiring more full-time sales representatives. You can enjoy the benefits of a productive sales team without overpaying for hiring, training, and retaining them. A partner that can help in aiding product launches for new markets offers you a distinct advantage and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Economical Market Validation Program

Curating a sales message that articulates your value proposition as the best for your target buyer is necessary for a visibility boost. The use of that quality data is extremely beneficial in preparing to compete in a new market. Making the right move and launching at the right time is vital. An outsourced sales provider can immediately aid with market validation so you can penetrate new markets. You'll see positive results months quicker with the outsourced sales solution, and the business won't miss any lucrative opportunities from moving too slowly.


Targeting new markets is exciting and necessary for businesses to continue growing and thriving. B2B tech sales outsourcing is a powerful tool that can help you reach your expansion goals faster and economically. Find out how Purple Sales can help you target and penetrate new markets by downloading our eBook.

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