When Outsourcing Sales Can Lead to Increased Revenue

Selling requires drive, organization, tenacity, and agility. SDRs, sales tech stack, and robust sales processes are essential facets of sales success in the B2B technology industry. Even then, businesses may end up with flattened revenue and nearly empty sales funnels.

Selling is complicated; it can start and falter, even with consistent effort. In short, it cannot be easy to predict! 

So, what should you do to keep your funnel flowing and your revenue rising? The best answer may be to fully outsource your sales cycle

How do you know when it's a good time to outsource to an expert provider? We've compiled four of the best reasons for when the choice can lead to increased revenue. 

Expanding Internationally

For B2B tech sales, it's challenging enough to hire adequate sales representatives in your city, state, or country that can handle the volume you anticipate. Moving into new markets comes with several obstacles for more extensive and seasoned companies. Any of them can derail or at least lengthen the path to your success. Language barriers, cultural differences, and specific industry regulations can present to be uncharted territory that makes your company stumble.

Once you've completed your B2B market validation for your international expansion, turning to a sales outsource provider can make the most sense. You work with a company that understands the landscape, speaks the language, and is already ensconced in the area your company is expanding into. They can move forward quickly with the appointment setting and start building your lead database.

Outsourcing gives you a helpful workaround for hiring and training an international sales force while still paving the way to expand your business into new markets. And, of course, it helps increase your revenue with all those new clients. 

Scaling Your Business

Company expansion is another challenge that can be difficult to manage. As your organization grows, some responsibilities must be handled, from marketing to sales to accounts payable to vendor management. Let's not forget compliance, logistics, pricing, and the rest of the hats that leaders undoubtedly wear during this time. Focusing on juggling these components AND a sales force can bog down your scaling efforts. If you're trying to scale your tech business, outsourcing your sales may be the perfect tool to help you accomplish just that with minimal frustration. 

Save the investment it would take to build a sales force from scratch and the time to ramp them up to be successful and outsource your sales department instead. This choice means you can grow your revenue in a shorter period, keep your spend low, and retain your focus on the high-level business tasks you need to be spending your time on. When your sales and revenue have reached where you want them to be, you can always use the additional resources to scale even bigger. 

Keep Costs Low

We've touched on this benefit in the previous two points, but it also is important enough to stand on its own. Making certain your company is gaining profit is critical. After all, every dollar wasted comes directly from your profit! 

It’s likely well-known that a productive team of sales development representatives can be the key component of your expansion. But it's hard to have one that’s highly efficient and delivers qualified appointments for the sales reps at scale. To counter that issue, B2B tech companies can fully outsource their sales cycle to the top B2B sales outsourcing providers. 

When they do so, it helps cut costs in a significant way. The budget needed to create, maintain, and manage an SDR team can be overwhelming and includes: hiring, recruiting, training, managing, equipping while implementing the latest tools. So, it saves you the large expense that would be spent on HR for additional sales reps. That’s why outsourcing the SDR function is the best option for B2B tech companies. 

Decrease the Sales Cycle Difficulty

Not many executives spontaneously say, "I'm making a large technological investment at work today." Typically, B2B technologies and their journeys come with a longer buying cycle. Fortunately, the journey can be shortened by using a sales outsourcing provider. By having a departmental focus that is continuously prospecting, qualifying leads, and setting qualified appointments, your product or service can be presented to potential clients quicker. That also equates to meeting with more prospects within the same time frame. For example, if it takes an average of one week with each prospect, a shorter buying cycle allows you to meet with more than one if it took two weeks to complete the cycle.

Additionally, your sales outsourcing partner is experienced in the use of automation tools that facilitate the sales process. They also constantly strive to make their process the most efficient it can be. These efforts help prospects spend less time in your sales funnel and more time with your clients. 


For B2B tech executives who are considering outsourcing their sales departments, it can be beneficial in several instances and can help you attain increased revenue faster and with less. Whether you're moving into the international market, attempting to scale your business, trying to keep costs low, or working to decrease your sales cycle difficulty, outsourcing your sales cycle to an experienced provider like Purple Sales is an asset that can catapult your organization to increased yield. Download our Sales Pipeline guide to discover how.

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