When Should a B2B Tech Company Outsource Their Sales?

It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in; you need sales and marketing in order to grow. Marketing professionals and team members create the materials that best showcase your product or service, and sales professionals get those materials into the hands of the people who are most likely to be interested in your business. You need these professionals to land the clients who will make you money and ensure your business lasts.

While it is a good thing to have sales professionals within your company, it's not always feasible. Sometimes, it makes more financial sense to outsource your sales. The important thing is to know just when to do that for maximum effectiveness.

Let's take a look at the two key situations for which a B2B tech company would find the greatest cost-effectiveness for outsourcing their sales.

When Should You Outsource Your Sales?

When You Want to Expand to a New Region, Country, or Territory

Selling in a new region or country is going to be complicated. There are going to be time zone differences, potential language, and cultural barriers (especially when it comes to selling in a new country), and new marketing regulations businesses will have to navigate. Then, there is the problem of hiring new sales personnel to cover these new locations further away. Going through the hiring and payroll processes as well as managing them off-site remotely may simply be more expensive than a growing B2B tech company can handle.

Do you see where this is going? For these types of expansions, outsourcing some of your sales processes will save you money and cause you fewer headaches while still enabling your company to get the footholds it needs to thrive, fasten the ramp-up phase, and get meetings from your desired territories.

When You’re Scaling Up

Invariably, outsourcing sales make sense when a business is starting to scale up.

Most people get into the B2B tech industry because they have a very specific software that helps an ecosystem solve pain points and make lives easier. When you have strong traction from the market, you don’t want to lose the momentum of qualifying leads. Partnering with a staffing company that can sustain your growth and deliver on-demand SDRs, is key to your success because they have a flexible approach and can add sales resources to your team based on your demand.

Then, keep the more important sales stages – think the initial contact and the big proposal.

Your inbound marketing efforts attract leads, who ultimately need to be qualified before being moved into the sales funnel. By partnering and delegating parts of your sales cycle to a third party, you are giving your team the time they need to research the companies coming to you and prepare for demos and negotiations. Highly trained SDRs who are skilled in converting leads to opportunities give your team the time to focus on the important stuff. 

When you want to validate a growth initiative 

If you are generating revenue within your current market but are interested in tackling a new market or territory, it may be in your best interest to partner with a sales outsourcing company. Giving your sales team a new workload while maintaining success in their current market may disrupt efforts. You are going to need a team that can focus on the new market area or territory while it gets up and running. At Purple Sales, we work in white-label to help you succeed and reach your goals. We can work with you and hit the ground running.

When you are struggling to orchestrate your sales development team

You have hired SDRs internally, in an attempt to be cost-efficient and effective. However, it’s not going as well as you had hoped. Maybe it’s the lack of coaching you are able to provide them with, the burnout of having to help make the new department successful, the lack of appropriate tools… The list goes on. 

Partnering with a third-party outsourcing company can give you the benchmark you need to see how it’s done. Trained SDRs will be able to show you the tools needed to be most effective so you can take them back to your team later and give them the resources they need to help your company thrive. 

When you attract unqualified leads coming to your website 

Your marketing efforts are attracting unqualified leads and you aren’t able to close them. The entire sales team spends most of their time on unpromising leads and if you continue in that direction you’re going to lose sight of your goals. The redesigning of your marketing strategy will take time and you won’t see results right away.

You should orchestrate a robust prospecting method reaching out to your ideal customer profile, build awareness with highly targeted content, gain their interest, and set up a short meeting where you can showcase your solution. 

Our guide, Amplify Your Sales Pipeline, dives deep into testing different growth initiatives, remote prospecting, and converting leads into opportunities. While it might not stop unqualified leads from being interested in your solution, it does give some great insights on how to go after what it is you want. 

Ready to launch outbound sales initiatives? 

SaaS companies are the future of our economy and they are trying to help companies to succeed. Attracting, qualifying, and closing your ideal customer profile can be hard and at Purple Sales, we understand those challenges. On a daily basis, we help C-level executives who are trying to execute their company strategy and hit their goals. 

We want to know what it is you want to achieve, and help you reach those targets! Contact us today to learn about what we have done for other B2B tech companies just like yours and what we can do for you.

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