How to Generate Leads & Schedule More Appointments Through Omnichannel Strategies

We live in an increasingly connected world: a very tech-centered and maybe even tech-obsessed one. So many technologies enable us to keep connections with each other and the world at large; they also have the effect of changing how many companies and industries do business. This includes those in the business of marketing and sales

Today, marketing has significantly moved away from prioritizing "push marketing" which focuses on putting products directly in front of every possible customer and hoping to make a sale to more nuanced, personalized marketing that establishes conversations and leads up to product sales. Success today is a great deal about embracing omnichannel marketing strategies that have been proven to generate more leads and get sales personnel to score more appointments. 

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

It would be wonderful if all a business had to do was build a website and sit back and watch people start finding its URL organically. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. 

For a business to succeed in selling its product or service, it must not only build a website, but it must also work to create and sustain traffic to that website. Omnichannel marketing is a method of doing just that.

Omnichannel marketing is a marketing strategy that emphasizes the use of multiple channels. Here, the goal is to provide a seamless, branded user experience that a customer can access across every "channel" they use, and those experiences would be relevant to their buyer's journey. A good way to think of this is by blending all of your strategies to create one cohesive experience with your brand.

With omnichannel marketing, businesses and sales team members can quite effectively boost how many leads they are generating. This is because the method of blending channels enables the cross-application of data for greater effects.

You can gain target data from customer profiles and applications. Then, you can send out emails tailored to that data and make phone calls that build on the information you have already given. Piece-by-piece, you are using every tool in your digital arsenal to improve interactions with the audience and land more leads. That is the success of omnichannel lead generation.

How to Get Started Today With Omnichannel Marketing

Are you ready to land more leads and improve your brand's name recognition with omnichannel marketing? If so, start with the following:

1. Know Your Content

Before you assemble content, you need to know the context in which your audiences will be consuming it. You need to know who your audiences are and what they want when they want it. 

For example, more and more big-box retailers are finding that customers will first look online before going to the store, but that they want accurate information fast. So to compete with Amazon's fast delivery, many big-box retailers now include mobile-optimized store locators with the ability to search products by store and obtain the results that include the location and aisle the product is on. 

Now, this question is: where are your customers going to get information, and how can you ease their process or improve their journey from search to buy?

2. Know Your Customers

If you haven't built up multiple buyer personas for your target audiences, then now is the time to do so. Buyer personas can be based on general industry data, but it’s even better to use your customer data to build them. 

Encourage feedback and reach out to former or repeat customers not only to learn about their experience with your product or service but also about who they are. What type of job do your best customers typically have? Where do they work? How do they interact with the Internet? 

Combine these answers and more to create more effective content to distribute on the most appropriate channels -- and that will improve your sales productivity.

3. Know Your Technology Tools

There are many fantastic technologies out there that can help businesses and sales teams take their efforts to new heights. Customer relationship management software makes it easier to track customers and their habits, while marketing automation platforms react seamlessly to sales triggers, like when making an appointment setting following an email reply. 

These technologies improve the speed and accuracy of all other omnichannel strategies, and some of them are essential to informing you of the best channels and the best audiences to target. 

Know When You Need Expert Help

You can have the best tools and technologies but still, find yourself struggling to secure strong leads. Sometimes, the answer is not what more can you do, but what more might be had by outsourcing to a sales development team. 

Sales outsourcing to an experienced team like ours at Purple Sales Solutions might just be the solution you have been looking for. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can improve your leads. 

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